Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

The parking facility at Tooting Works (TW) is not a contractual right, and can be reviewed and withdrawn at the discretion of Management. Vehicles are parked at the owner/driver’s risk.

Permits cannot be issued without proof of valid Public Liability Insurance cover. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to keep their Public Liability insurance policy up to date.

TW normally provides 1 weeks’ notice before withdrawing a parking permit but reserves the right to withdraw a permit with immediate effect on the following grounds:

  • Persistent abuse of the T&C’s

  • Any instance of verbal or physical abuse or threatening behavior towards

    TW staff or any persons

  • Failure to settle monthly invoices issued by Tooting Works Ltd, within the

    agreed time period

  • Abuse of set security procedures by tenants’ visitors and delivery drivers

    In circumstances where a permit is lost, please contact Reception to arrange a replacement. The charge for replacing a lost permit is £5 +VAT. Please note the application process for replacement permits can take up to 5 working days.

    Once you report your permit as lost or stolen, that permit will be cancelled by TW and CPM will also be informed. If you are found to have acted fraudulently by stating that your permit has been lost or stolen, we will revoke all permits issued (without reimbursement/remuneration) and you will be fined by CPM.


The standard allocation to each tenant is one parking permit per tenant. In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of management tenants may have their request for more than one permit looked at.

Parking Protocol

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that their permit is clearly displayed on the windscreen of their vehicle, at all times.

As of the 1st April 2020 all parking spaces at the front of TW (Bickersteth Road) is retained for BLP staff parking ONLY. This means tenants are not allowed to park in the TW parking bays along Bickersteth Road.

Parking is by permit only and is restricted to the white numbered parking bays (Except those along Bickersteth Road) (one parking bay per vehicle). Any vehicle parking outside of a white numbered bay or loading bay will be liable to a penalty notice from CPM (UK Car Park Management). Immediate fines will be issued for parking without a valid permit by either CPM or Tooting Works.

If there are no available places within the car park, please report to Reception immediately so we are aware and can do our best to accommodate you.

Parking in front of an occupied bay (Double Parking) is permitted as long as the driver is within a bay and contactable in the unit on the telephone number shown on their permit. If the driver needs to leave the property, please move the car to an empty bay that does not obstruct any tenant, or leave an alternative contact number so you can be contacted to move the vehicle within 15 minutes.

To contact another driver to move their vehicle, please call the number displayed on their permit or ring reception to ask for assistance.

Parking Offence Procedure

The following procedure is in place to promote the courteous use of parking facilities at the centre. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the below terms of use and the procedure to report vehicles which are not using the facilities correctly.

The following are considered to be parking offences:

  1. Double parking whilst off site and not being contactable to move

  2. Not displaying your parking permit clearly and visibly

  3. Double parking an empty bay

  4. Leaving a car in the car park for over 48 hours

  5. Taking longer than 15 minutes to respond when called to move a car when you have double parked

  6. Speeding in the car park

  7. Parking in any loading bay for longer than the allocated 20 minutes

  8. Parking of unauthorized/unregistered vehicles

  9. Inconsiderate parking

  10. Parking in BLP staff parking spaces

A warning system is in place for Tenants who commit the above offences. 1st offence, an email is sent to the tenant to inform them of any offence(s) committed, on the 2nd offence a penalty of £50 will be added to the next invoice of the business to which the offending vehicle is registered.

Please note that Tooting Works Caretakers routinely check the car park and report any offences.

How to report an offence

If you are affected by any of the offences listed above please ensure you report the offence to reception. As a number of Tenants have several vehicles registered to each parking permit, you will need to report the offending vehicle by giving us the below information, (preferably via email at

  • A picture of the vehicle registration

  • A picture of the parking permit displayed

  • A note of the time (or a timestamp accompanying the pictures)

    In the event of waiting for a Tenant to move their car blocking you in, please ensure you check the time when the call was first made, and when the Tenant arrives. Should they take longer than 15 minutes, we will need this information to log the offence on our database.

    The reported tenant will be notified of each offence in case there was an exceptional circumstance which prevented them complying with expected parking protocol. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Deliveries, Loading and Unloading

Tenants should inform delivery drivers of the whereabouts of allocated loading bays. Parking in the loading bays is permitted for the purpose of loading/unloading only and for a maximum stay of twenty minutes.

Vehicles that are loading/unloading must clearly display a note on their dashboard indicating the date and time of their arrival, and the unit number/tenant they are onsite for. Vehicles failing to display this information will be at risk of receiving a penalty ticket.


TW employs the services of CPM Ltd a parking enforcement company. They have been instructed to take enforcement action against vehicles that breach TW parking restrictions. For further details of CPM’s enforcement procedures and liability charges please refer to CPM’s signage which is prominently displayed throughout the TW car park.


These Terms and Conditions are intended to ensure fair and reasonable access for all concerned.

Any enquiries/concerns you may have regarding these Terms and Conditions should be put in writing and addressed to the Centre Manager.